Welcome to Rock Lakes 

English owned Carp and Cat Fishery in the Centre of France

Rock Lakes

La Gerbauderie



We are half an hour from Chateauroux and an Hour and Fifteen minutes from Limoges, we're along the D27 between Migné and Méobecq.

Travelling by Ferry:

Approximate miles from all major ports:

Caen:            237 Miles
Le Havre:     283 Miles
Dieppe:         272 Miles
St. Malo:       273 Miles
Cherbourg:  308 Miles
Calais:           364 Miles


We have found when travelling ourselves, that the best way to to our lake is via Newhaven to Dieppe with DFDS, its a short 4 hour crossing and takes approximately 4 hours and a half to drive down to our lake.

If you have any questions, please contact us!